North Shore Goods

Local goods & good company

What's in it for you?

Community centered, we aim to provide a network of forward thinking business members to foster, facilitate and support meaningful small business connections.

By meeting with you 1:1, we will strategize and customize your membership to tailor the needs of your business, whatever phase it is in.

Benefits to joining North Shore Goods.

Increased visibility and reach. Benefit from marketing to a new customer base.

Reduce costs. Grow (and save) when sharing resources or splitting expenses.

Improved innovation. You are guaranteed to take something away from every business owner or entrepreneur you encounter (whether the experience is good or bad.)

Access and exposure to new markets. Expand your reach throughout the local community and beyond.

Increased credibility. Working and collaborating with your community can improve your reputation and show your customer or client that you are part of a larger, trusted network.