June 13, 2022

Local Author Collaboration! Summer 2022

 We were lucky to collaborate with Colleen by working together to design a T-Shirt that would be included as part of her marketing plan for her fictional novel, Summer Breakdown, based here on the North Shore. Together we designed t-shirts and stickers to showcase her novel and its theme.

Summer Breakdown by Colleen Temple

This book is the perfect summer beach read! Summer Breakdown is a raw and moving love story set in a charming New England beach town about the complexities of family, marriage, humanity, and the dual beauty and heartache of raising children while also raising yourself.

This summer doesn’t just unearth the past, it threatens to unravel Sabrina’s life completely.

Her alcoholic father is dying, she’s estranged from her family, and she’s only surviving motherhood thanks to bottomless cups of coffee and secret cigarettes. After years of trying to avoid her issues, she finally comes face-to-face with them on a reluctant journey back to Seaside, Massachusetts. And this time—she doesn’t run away.

But returning home sends Sabrina spiraling. Watching her father die is overwhelming. Living under her mother’s reign is suffocating. And finding out her dead sister Coraline’s secret brings up fifteen years of unresolved grief. This trip forcibly lifts Sabrina from her fog and drops her directly into chaos, past traumas, and the arms of her high school ex-boyfriend.

This summer Sabrina learns firsthand, no one is as perfect as they want you to think.