July 25, 2022

The North Shore Life for Me

I instantly fell in love the with North Shore as a kid when my family would visit his great aunt and uncle on Salisbury beach. Their cottage felt like paradise to me as a kid. It had classic grey shaker shingles and blue trim and a large farmers porch in the back facing the ocean. The steps off the farmers porch led you right into the sand. The quirkiest part about our visits were that my Uncle Jack would always have a beach chair set up down below the cottage in the driveway, facing the street reading the newspaper--rarely on the beach. He was a son of Irish immigrants but sure knew how to get a suntan
--right on the black top. 
Little girl on a bench sitting outside of an ice cream shop by the sea on a sunny day.  
After my first visit to Salisbury I was hooked on the beach. I never wanted to leave the sand, the salty air. I remember running around with my brother and cousins for hours and hours, flying kites and building sandcastles. 

We would go to Salisbury regularly as young kids but eventually ended up vacationing in Ocean Park, ME for the rest of my childhood and into my early twenties. 
Fast forward to my years working as a nurse in Boston, living in Somerville. Any chance I got I would come back to the North Shore to get a breath of fresh air and reconnect with the ocean. I found so much opportunity for adventure on the North Shore, between the endless beaches, seafood shacks and community connections.  When deciding to settle down and buy a home to raise a family in, the North Shore was the only option.  I can't imagine a better place to raise my daughter than the same sandy shores that I first fell in love with the ocean. I am so grateful to live here and to be able to experience the shore 365 days a year in all of its beauty. Follow along on our Instagram page @beachedgoods where we often post some of our favorite locations and adventures. 
We try to live life like we are always on vacation, the work had and play hard mindset. If we can squeeze in a trip to the beach, a seaside sunset, or a few extra lobster dinners we will! 
We of course always want to hear about your adventures as well, so make sure to tag us when you are out and about in your merch! 
Some of our favorite local spots include:
Family Friendly Food & Activities:
  • Kayaking, Ipswich River (so many launch spot options!)
  • McKinnon's Markets
  • Cherry Street Fish Market, Danvers (fresh fish market)
  • Connors Farm, Danvers (food, fun, rides, maze, PYO flowers, CSA)
  • Joes on a Roll, Beverly (best lobster roll for your buck)
  • Little Italy, Beverly (sweet sauce pizza)
  • Mahi Harbor Cruises, Salem (always fun with friends/fam)
  • The Salty Buddha Yoga Studio, Salem and Peabody (Classes and Workshops)
  • Seaport Grille, Gloucester (Indoor and Outdoor Seating) 
  • Anchor Pub, Beverly (best seafood, service and company)
  • North Shore Adventure Kayak, Bearskin Neck (awesome coastal kayak tours)
  • Crane Beach (pass required, bathrooms, snacks, small waves
  • Parker River Wildlife Reservation, Plum Island (pass required, bird watching, educational tours, wildlife, trails) 
  • Brine, Newburyport  (consistently good food and service, great for date nights)
  • Trustees Reservations (any of them!)
  • Appleton Farms, South Hamilton (food, activities, CSA)